Mens Fashion

There was a specific period in history when men’s and women’s fashion was equally important and appreciated. Much effort and time was put into the selection of materials, tailoring the perfect suits, dresses, costumes, and following specific rules. See, long before our time, the purpose of clothes wasn’t to simply warm yourself up during winter; people used it to impress others and prove their class. So whether they liked it or not, the accent was put on the looks rather than on the practicality of clothes.

Every class had a particular way of clothing, which served as a literal and visual distinction between them. Basically, the moment people met you, your appearance and clothes were enough for them to understand which stratum of society you belong to. However, as with many other things throughout history, the way we see clothes and the way they serve us has changed drastically. 

So people became aware that clothes should be used in a practical manner; to cover ourselves, to keep us warm, to protect our bodies, and to follow a current trend to a certain extent. There are always going to be those that judge people by the clothes they wear; however, that’s become less frequent and more individual. That means two people from the same social stratum and financial status could be dressed totally differently because they follow their preferred trends.

The Diversity of Men’s Clothing Today

The Diversity of Men’s Clothing Today

The modern age has brought us the freedom of individual choices and the right to express ourselves in many ways. Clothing has become a significant way of expressing our style, personality, and preferences. On top of that, the selection of clothing for men has become really diverse and has given them an opportunity to be free and experiment through visual expression. 

That being said, men today can dress according to the type of the occasion they’re attending, without it being just the usual, boring suit. Read on, as we’re about to talk more about how men can dress when the occasion requires some type of romantic style.

Although it is a fact that women have always had a greater variety of choices when it comes to fashion decisions, men can dig up some cool stuff too. It might be a bit harder since marketing and the media that is focused on women’s fashion are incredibly aggressive and in-your-face. Although, that’s understandable since the fashion industry is all about making money. 

However, men became much more interested in fashion than before, so they gradually started putting more effort into their clothing choices. So seeing a stylish man who paid attention to details isn’t that unusual anymore.

Romantic Style Clothing for Men at a Black-Tie Event

Who said only women get to have a romantic dress or any other clothing garment that belongs to a particular theme or style? So let’s say you’re a man or a person who wants to learn how their significant other can dress in a romantic style. If so, you’ve come to the right place because we have some tips for you.

Romantic Style Clothing for Men at a Black-Tie Event

The romantic style itself is a broad term, and the first things that come to mind when thinking of it are usually flowery dresses with pastel motives. But what about the men who are unsure of what kind of apparel is considered romantic? First of all, whether the dress code is formal or casual, it is up to you to decide how you’re going to present and wear it. In addition to that, pay attention to the nature of the event since the occasion itself can help you determine whether it’s appropriate or not to wear something romantic.

For example, if you have a wedding to attend, you already know that you need to be dressed formally, and additionally, given the nature of the event, romantic style is more than appropriate. That being said, the other side of the spectrum would be some kind of a corporate celebration where you can’t really express your romantic side through clothes. A dress shirt, for example, is the furthest you can go in this situation. 

It’s All About Accessories 

As for the specific clothes that would be considered romantic, you should look into the details instead of the bigger picture. Meaning, a pastel pink suit doesn’t mean that you dressed in a romantic way just because you’re screaming pink. A pocket square, on the other hand, can be a perfect accent for your black-tie outfit. That little detail is enough to give a particular charm to the overall look, and on top of that, be suitable for any kind of style — in this case, romantic. So a silky, flowery, pinkish pocket square is guaranteed to make your outfit romantic, without looking over the top.

A couple of other things you can add to personalize your overall look are the socks and shoes. The expansion of silly men socks is a topic on its own; however, whether you like it or not, you can use this to your own advantage. Since the selection of socks has become so diverse, you are easily going to find a pair that adds to that romantic vibe and breaks the monotony of a suit-and-pants kind of situation. So having brown shoes on a navy suit is kind of a bore; add socks with red hearts, and suddenly, you’re “daring,” “fashion-forward,” and following the romantic vibe. 

Casual Romantic Style for Men

Casual Romantic Style for Men

When it comes to being romantic and, at the same time, not having a specific dress code to follow; the choices are almost limitless. Combining shirts with bermudas or T-shirts with pants, with merely adding a color that you find romantic (for most people, that’s red, pink, or lavender) should be enough. Also, don’t forget about the hairstyle and accessories — make sure they’re not too formal but also not messy and careless.

Let’s see this in an example. A date with your significant other is something that requires mostly casual clothes but also a bit of a romance in your appearance. So a clean, white shirt with pastel bermudas and casual shoes is subtle and simple enough; however, adding a light pink pocket square and a neat haircut adds the element of romance and makes you ready to woo your loved one.